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    So, is anyone else going under this system? One of our local departments *cough*NORMAL*cough* is; and I really don't like it.

    They're currently on a 800 mhz EFJ system, and they sound like total crap when trying to talk on it. Once they get inside buildings, they're pretty much doomed for stable communications.

    This new Starcom system, run by big /\/\ is supposed to be an answer. But how is it an answer to interopability; if departments that aren't on it (perhaps because they simply can't afford it?) supposed to communicate with those on it. Well, you can, if you buy Motorola's comm-bridge.

    Now the State of Illinois is pushing for the implentation of this state-wide Starcom digital system. At $53 dollars a month, per radio, Motorola promises nearly state-wide coverage.

    Forgive me if I don't believe it. This isn't supposed to be an attack on Motorola, or Starcom, but I do have some grave fears about this system.


    Motorola's Official Starcom Site

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    Doesn't sound like anybody wants to talk about Starcom. We didn't even take the free radio - that's what our board thinks about the idea. Besides, we're in an area where portables wouldn't work so we'd have to buy repeaters, too. Just a bad idea all around.
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    We switched a few years ago to an 800mhz Motorola System in Kankakee County. Of course the /\/\ sold the 911 board a bill of goods. The radios do not work in industrial buildings, commercial buildings, and often in single family homes. We had a house fire two weeks ago, I was in the basement and could not get a radio transmission out. Real nice when your in a burning building.

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    Once again, a radio system that could have been good was poorly planned and poorly implimented. If you put bald tires with broken belts on a BMW, it won't ride like one.
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