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Thread: ladder belts

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    Default ladder belts

    need to find a new ladderbelt for my dept. what do you use?

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    just a hunch here, but I bet if you did a search for "ladder belts" you could find tons of responses.

    I'm not sure what my department uses, so I really can't help you.
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    we got 2 in the tower ...........got no idea who made/makes them. Hell I dont even know if a search will work .......
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    we have Gemtor class II harnesses on our gear, we carry some extra class II belts on the truck just in case, but all sets of gear have a harness on them. here is a picture: http://www.thefirestore.com/store/category.cfm?cID=1071

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    Can you still use belts? Thought that they had gone away to be replaced by harnesses on ladders. Our county doesn't use them anymore. I know the private sector stopped using them a few years ago for construction. The company had a few and I retrieved 2 from the trash when they went to all harnesses. Probably threw a dozen away because somebody said no need to keep them if we can't use them. I gave the 2 I salvaged to the town the rest were cut up for parts (rings, snaps, or what ever).
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    My volunteer department issues Gemtor class II harnesses to every member of the FAST team, and as of this gear fitting, they are going to issue them to ALL interior firefighters (I'm in this next fitting...Lucky Me =D ) As for our trucks, we originally had ordered a few Yates Ladderman Class II Harnesses. Most of the guys prefer Gemtor's. I haven't used a Gemtor, but from what I see, the built-in "teather" will be a lot easier to use then fishing around trying to find the teathers for the Yates belts.
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