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    WTF is happening in the world we live in today....even for 'Violent Britain' this story is particularly distressing.

    What hope have we got for the future!!!

    Raped, Battered, Burnt, Shot & Stabbed!!!!!!

    BBC News Story!!!

    This is the top story on the News over here at the moment, one source from the Police said "It is the worst crime we have ever seen"

    And as if that wasn't enough we are also dealing with a 'Witchcraft' case where adults (about as civilised as we were in the Dark Ages) tried to kill an 8 YO Girl who they believed was a Witch!!!

    Witchcraft story
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    OMG! "An eye for an eye..."

    RIP young one.

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    Stve you are forgetting about this crap also.

    Happy Slap' attacks rise

    Sun Online

    THE sick teenage craze of "happy slapping" is spiralling out of control as rival gangs compete to pull off ever more violent random attacks, a TV probe warns.

    The grim trend emerged six months ago with youths filming each other using mobile phones as they carry out unprovoked assaults on passers-by and then posting the footage on the web.

    The sick craze is highlighted on ITV's flagship current affairs show Tonight With Trevor McDonald, which has been moved back to 10pm tomorrow night as producers fear the attacks featured are too shocking its usual prime time slot.

    One unrepentant youngster interviewed boasts: "If you see someone sitting there who looks dumb you just run up to them slap them and run off. It's funny."

    Another "happy slapper" gives a chilling warning that the spate of attacks can only escalate.

    He says: "I've seen quite a few violent things going on - and they are going to become the norm and then the next person is going to come out with a more violent thing."

    The "happy slapper" mobs display a complete contempt for the victims who suffer the injury of attack and then the added humiliation of "starring" in their films

    One thug hooked on the craze tells the show: "It's a little joke. People have a laugh. When people are bored they do it and that's what the police need to understand."

    But victim Andrew Greenwood fails to see the funny side of the trend after being left with a fractured eye socket and severe bruising during a brutal attack by a gang of thugs who filmed each other as they set upon him on a late night London bus.

    He said: "The actual motive of the attack, I believe, was purely for kicks. For some sort of enjoyment, or dare, or challenge."

    Police warn that the psychological damage done by the random assaults is often as harmful as the physical pain.

    Metropolitan Police Commander Jim Smith said: "There's nothing remotely funny about it.

    "Many of the victims suffer severe injury from the more serious assaults, but even in the minor cases the effect on people's mental state can be quite damaging."

    Commuters are being increasingly targeted by the "happy slapper" yobs with British Transport Police recording 200 incidents since last December.

    The sick fad is believed to have originated on the UK garage music scene last year, but police and anti-bullying organisations say it has now spread through school playgrounds and gone nationwide.

    Incidents have included reports of a youth approaching a woman at a bus stop and punching her in the face - the senseless assault was filmed in a mobile phone clip called "Bitch Slap".

    Others have included "Knockout Punch" featuring a group of boys in school uniform leading another youth across a playground before flooring him with a single blow to head.

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    What we have here is a lack of diversity and sensitivity traning on the part of the posters in this thread. What you do not understand is that these children are only expressing themselves. It is a cultural thing. It is our responsibility to sit down with these children and understand what it is that makes them tick. Only then can we truly get in touch with our inner selves and fully appreciate the artistic expression that gives rise in these cases.

    How dare you judge? Don't you kow that it is the attitude of the people who were getting slapped that is actually the reason these "events" happened? If they weren't acting so tupid, the youths would not have chosen them as an outlet for their art form.

    If you need more informaiton on this subject, I suggest that you go to the "Police Shootout" thread in the Firefighters Firum and read the insughtful wisdom of DennisTheMenace. He is truly a pionner in the field of diversity and sensitivity issues involving those persecuted souls previously thought of as criminals.

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    Oh boy, I would love to see one of these kids try to "Happy Slap" me. He'd get my "Happy" size 12 right up his bloody arse.

    Another justification for concealed carry permits for Tazers.
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    "If you see someone sitting there who looks dumb you just run up to them slap them and run off. It's funny."

    I wish I could do that sometimes

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