ok, I'm not one to usually post sites like this, but I came across this one after seeing it posted on TWD. and wow, I am impressed. something good actually came off TWD.

it provides some very well done & useful information that actually is relavent to the fire serivce. I would definately recommend this site to any person new to the fire service (new being a relative term, I would say less than 3 years), as it reiterates many basic concepts, and provides (at least in my opinion) additional information that could save your butt or enhance your skills on a fire scene.

instead of taking about lights, or leather vs plastic, or black vs. tan vs. yellow, spend some time reading these articles, they are definately worth the time.

BTW, I am in not part affiliated with the site, nor do I know the author (yet). but I did want to pass this along to anyone else who is interested in learning something.