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    Cool New to the board...Just want to say Hi.


    I havent been on this board for about 7 years! But seeing as I'm in the industry again, I wanted to join up and get back into the forums and the site/people/everything.

    I am one of the 4 factory representatives for Whelen emergency equipment (lights/sirens) here in Texas. I do nothing but work with fire and some police departments, and a LOT of volunteer fire companies.

    This isnt meant in any way to be a sell tool, not at all. In fact, Im not a salesman, but a factory rep. On the other hand, if there is anything I can help you out with, information or otherwise, I am here for everyone to use as a resource. I have unlimited resources in the industry, especially fire services, and will put them to work for anyone who needs them.

    Thanks for the ears... I'm happy to be back on here.


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    Hello and welcome to the Firehouse Forums.

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