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    Default Another siren question

    Can a siren company make a custom aplifier if you ask them to?

    For example if I wanted a powercall siren (secondary siren) with HILO/Phazer/Intersection. "ON/OFF with a 3way switch". And not wail and yelp.

    I was just sitting around being bored and comming up with different ways to make noise come out of my car.

    The current crazy idea is to have:
    Electronic airhorn-(independent)100w speaker
    Airhorn-foot pedal
    Carson dual 200w siren or star magnum dual 200w siren
    Custom siren with HILO/Phazer/Intersection.

    And I AM NOT a whacker, just somone with too much time on my hands. Plus I dont even have the money to even by a speaker.
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    Talking Q2B

    Oh man, I know everyone here will agree with me!
    If I were you I would put a Q2B on my Truck,Car,SUV,Boat,Bike,Scooter,jet ski, anything that is drivable!
    Every Fireman I know is doing it! Oh but A Q siren won't cut it if you don't have A Huge rotating Blue light, I would consider getting one of those too!

    This is just a joke! Don't take it serious! I am sure you will get plenty more with this post.

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    Default Dude-

    When youre done goofing off and want to get serious about
    a siren, get the Unitrol Touhmaster off of ebay.

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    I dont know if they would do that. Then again, I never thought of asking. If they will, I'm sure it will be big $$$$$.

    You want a lot of noise, try a SA 441 MagForce. It has two seperate amps, and will produce two different sounds at the same time (wail/yelp, yelp/yelp etc.). You need 2 speakers however. for you.

    One of the departments near me switched to them about 15 years ago on every rig. They work so well, they are totaly "Q" less now

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    And I AM NOT a whacker
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    I was just sitting around being bored and comming up with different ways to make noise come out of my car.
    How about digging out your "Essentials of Fire Fighting" and do a little studying.
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