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    Default My observations about fire fighting in Iraq

    Ok. I have been reading and watching what is going on in the forums. Well i have to admit that I am almost ashamed to be reading it. Especially when it comes from "fireman" that have not been in Iraq and have only talked about going. I have been here for over 5 months now. I have not got my gear. Do I gripe about it in front of people and discourage others from coming with what I say? No. I Ok so I can't see my paycheck. All you have to do is a little math, and have a basic knowledge of the IRS. Yes they still take taxes out but it is based on after the max pay the gov't allows. I have pretty much got my check figure right everytime. Am I pleased with the company? If I had to put in a corner I would have to say yes I am. I get paid good, I get paid on time, I have been put at a base with a helluva group of guys that I could take to hell, our fire chief is very open minded and the capts. and Lt. listen to us when we have problems. As for others making "attacks" on jatkins yall could do good to listen to what he says. There are plenty of firefighters in Iraq that have had good experiences. Just like any company you have got to take the good with the bad. So keep an open mind. There is no reason th bash fellow firefighters. When other people see this stuff that I have read from others if I was in the public I would be asking myself "Are all fireman like this?" We should all be supporting everyone.
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    Wow great post !! Your exactly right !! You guys are in a brotherhood that should be supporting each other not ripping each other apart. I know everyone has different views and opinions but
    don't take it out on each other. Support is what you need from each other. Honey I think your doing a great job. I'm so glad your at a station with a great group of guys. I love you very much !!
    I'm so proud of you and everything your doing !!! You are my hero !!


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