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    Default Ducklings saved by good samaritans and firefighters

    Ducklings saved by good samaritans and firefighters
    By Jill Casey
    Thursday, May 12, 2005

    LYNN - Call it a mother's instinct, but Allison Grover knew something was awry when she noticed a mother duck frantically squawking over a water drain Wednesday afternoon.

    Her hunch proved correct, because when Grover and her daughter Ashley got out of their car and peered into the drain, she saw that the mother's ducklings had fell 2 feet down the drain squawking and swimming around.

    "The mother duck was very upset," and continued to make frenetic movements around us, Grover said.

    With the help of a crowbar, the mother-daughter team pried open the grate and picked each duckling out with their hands before placing them inside a cardboard box, which would turn out to be the easiest part of the rescue yesterday afternoon.

    "Honestly, we didn't know what to do with them after that," Grover said.

    Ashley, a self-proclaimed "animal lover," grabbed the box, put one of the ducklings in her hand and attempted to lure the mother to follow her to Flax Pond.

    The mother duck, still squawking, followed Ashley for a bit, but was frightened of the people around her. "There was a couple of times she flew out of site and came back," said Grover.

    The duck flew over nearby Manning Bowl and Burger King a few times, but would always return back to her children, the two said.

    A Department of Public Works employee passed by and decided to enlist the help of Lynn Fire Engine 10 when he found out what the two were trying to guide the mother and her ducklings back to the pond.

    "They came out of every which way, it was kind of cool," said Grover, about the Fire Department's response.

    The growing rescue team tried everything, including placing the box of ducklings on top of a fire truck to see if the mother would rather fly back to the pond.

    "In the process of trying to corral the mother, she went airborne on us," said Lynn Fire Capt. Lee Oliver. "It became a little bit of a task to keep the mother with the ducklings."

    The firefighters were corralled themselves when they were called to an accident scene, but the mother was finally picked up by one of the rescue workers on scene, who picked it up with a sheet and placed it back in the pond.

    As the reunited duck family made its way back into the pond, a male duck swam over, which the Grover's believe was papa duck.

    "It was so cute. I love animals," Ashley said.
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    I just love stories that show people being compassionate. There are so many negative incidents in the news, and this kind of situation is so refreshing.

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    Yeah, it's good to read GOOD, positive news for once. I was watching Real TV once and they had firefighters getting a woman's ducklings out of a drain too.
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    My acreer FD goes on a handful of recue the ducks from the storm sewr call every year. I personally rescued 11 of 12 ducklings that fell through a grate into a dry storm sewer. Alas one of them chose to dive down the tube that lead to who knows where rather than be rescued by me.

    It amazes me how much weight people put into these goofy types of calls. they simply love that we do this stuff.


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    It's ironic that I just read this, seeing that my dog just dropped two dead ducklings on the doorstep that she just caught down by the river...

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