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    Default Spending the money

    With a successful 2004 grant, a question came up as to how the funds are spent. I'll try and explain without getting too specific. (the amounts and are "hypothetical", the equipment is real.

    For 2004, we were awarded $50,000 for turnout gear, wildland gear, and boots. In the application, there was $35,000 for turnout gear, $10,000 for wildland gear, and the $5,000 for boots for a grand total of $50,000.

    When requesting actual bids, these amounts changed somewhat but the grand total stayed the same. The new amounts were $38000 for turnouts, $6,000 for wildland gear, and $6,000 for boots. The amounts were over/under what was originally requested, but the total is still the same. (Again, for ease of doing the math, the numbers are somewhat fictitious).

    My question is this: Do we have to request a change from our original grant request for the specific items or can we just go with the bids we got back? The funds were spent only on what was requested and was within just a couple of dollars of the total requested. 100% of the funds went to 100% of what was requested (just moved some of it around a bit).

    I'm not sweating an audit, but want to get all my ducks in a row should one come around. (BTW, anyone know what I can buy with the $1.96 left over for fire prevention materials?)

    Thanks for any help!!!

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    Last year budget items were allowed to be changed without special permission, as long as the federal share was less than 100,000.00, and the original objective was accomplished. It can't hurt to contact your grant management specialist.

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    We are going through a similar situation that you are going through. Our turnout gear came in at a higher cost. Everything else was qoted at a savings.

    Because you have a savings in the wildland gear it is considered excess funds. Under the rules you can use up to $5,000 towards similar items in your grant proposal. Anything over $5,000 has to go to an approved fire prevention program or returned.

    Since you have a $4,000 savings this can be used towards the excess costs in the turnout gear and boots.

    This is based on a conversation with our grant management specialist. You should contact your representative to see if you get the same feedback as I did.

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    Your sales rep can't figure out how to prepare an invoice?

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