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    Default What you said in the grant...

    I was just going through the posts and had a question: How specific did you get in your vehicle grants. I can't predict the future, so I kept it very generic to avoid the "buy what you asked for." My exact words were, 'A NFPA 1901 Compliant, Fully equipped Pumper." A lot of me is regretting that statement for fears of not conveying a strong committment in putting together a new vehicle. And, until the check comes, I won't know exactly what we will get until I requote. Any thoughts???


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    We've had very detailed requests get shot down, and then were awarded on " a new class A pumper, designed and equipped to meet the growing needs of our community". Imo, they are more interested in why you need it, why you can't fund it on your own, if it will add to the safety of citizens and fire fighters, and will there be a long term benefit from the investment.

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    It depends. If you specify things like 500HP motor, 60 gal Class B Foam tank, you'd better elaborate. Details without reasoning make it seem as if you didn't think about what was needed, you're just shooting in the dark hoping for the money to buy a big toy.

    Regardless of whether you included details or not, if you didn't paint the rest of the picture properly, it wouldn't have mattered if you did the opposite. You need to show you did your homework.

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