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    Default firefighteing in iraq

    i'm scheduled to depart for houston on june 20th and leave for iraq on june 24th. i would like to know what it really like over there now and no b.s. i've been reading this forum a long time and the main complaint is the lack of a paystubb and the lack of equipment. i would realy like the truth from somebody about the dangers etc. also what about the physical challange i'm 51 and retireing from my dept to go iraq. i was told that nobody has ever been sent home from houston still i don't care who you are 2 minutes of push ups is strong.how much weight do they put on the physical challange? any information would be helpfull.

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    Default looking for answers as well.

    I too am wondering about the physical tests. Have you gotten any answers? Let me know what you find out please. I have tried to post on the forums but im getting no answers.

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