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    Default Knxville Apparatus crash

    The happened in Knoxville. The details still seema little sketchy.

    This is from the Knxville news Sentinal web page (www.knoxnews.com)

    Driver sought in fire truck wreck

    By J.J. STAMBAUGH, stambaugh@knews.com
    May 16, 2005

    Authorities are searching for the driver of a pickup truck who caused an accident that injured two firefighters and totaled a $250,000 fire engine.

    The accident occurred about 3 p.m. Friday on Emory Road in Halls, according to Rural/Metro Fire Department Capt. Jeff Devlin.

    The two firefighters were taken to the University of Tennessee Medical Center and released about 12 hours later, he said.

    "They had bone and muscle injuries," Devlin said. "They're going to be off work for a while."

    The accident happened when the driver of a vehicle driving eastbound on Emory Road near the Palmer Hills subdivision slowed down to make a right turn into the development, Devlin said.

    The pickup truck, which was behind the vehicle preparing to turn, crossed the double-yellow line in an effort to go around the first vehicle as a Rural/Metro fire engine was approaching in the westbound lane, Devlin said.

    "The crew of the fire truck applied the horn, but there was no response from the driver," he said. "The driver of the fire truck was forced to take evasive action or risk obliterating the pickup truck and killing the occupant."

    The fire truck went off the road, destroying a telephone pole and several trees before coming to a stop, Devlin said.

    Witnesses said the pickup truck sped away when the fire truck crashed, he said.

    Also, one witness said the driver of the truck appeared to be talking on a cell phone when the wreck happened, according to Devlin.

    One witness provided the Knox County Sheriff's Office with a possible license tag number from the pickup truck, but deputies weren't able to match the number with any vehicles matching the truck's description, he said.

    Devlin described the destroyed fire truck as a 2002 Ferrera custom fire engine.

    "It was one of our newer ones," he said.

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    Hope they recover ASAP and safely

    Yet another fire apparatus involved in another accident due to people not paying attention,ever since they put that no cell phones while driving law in effect, it seems that more and more people use them more than before it went into effect...

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    No cell phone law:= complete waste of time and paper.Questiono you change radio stations while driving? Do you communicate on the two way radio while driving? The average driver today was never PROPERLY TRAINED TO DRIVE! I'm using ALL of the afore mentioned devices in the performance of my duties everyday without incident.WHY? Because all of the needed devices in my rigs are installed in line with driver ergonomics and automated to a great extent so as to keep concentration where it belongs:ON DRIVING.Just like "assault"weapons,the problem isn't the weapon,it's the MORON holding it.I look at it as job security.But with the hands free setups and voice activated calling,the cell phone isn't the problem.Maybe we ought to ban CD players:the last three wrecks I've picked up have been due to drivers reaching for CD's on the floor. What's next? T.C.

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