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    Firefighter Charged With Biting Head Off Pet Parrot

    A firefighter accused of biting the head off a pet parrot at a party was charged with felony animal cruelty Monday and placed on administrative leave.
    Sheriff's spokesman Gary Davidson said witnesses told deputies that Lt. Bruce Coates was at a party early Sunday when he took the Quaker parrot, valued at $200, off someone else's shoulder, put the bird's head in his mouth and bit it off.

    Firefighter Charged With Biting Head Off Pet Parrot
    Police said the incident occurred at a party at the home of Coates (pictured, left) at the Saddle Club Estates community near state Road 44 and state Road 415.
    Coates told deputies that he was drinking alcohol and couldnít remember what happened. He was apologetic and offered to replace the parrot, according to the sheriff's report.
    Witnesses told deputies that Coates and several other people were playing billiards. The parrot was on one of the player's shoulder when Coates grabbed the parrot, put the birdís head in his mouth and bit it off.

    Coates was booked into the Volusia County Branch Jail.

    Edgewater Fire Chief Tracey Barlow said Coates, with the department since 1991, came to him Sunday and told him about the incident.

    He will stay on leave with pay pending the outcome of the investigation, Edgewater fire spokeswoman Jennifer Smith said.

    Copyright 2005 by Internet Broadcasting Systems and Local6.com. The Associated Press contributed to this report. All rights reserved.
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    Please tell me that this is some kind of sick joke. If true, it looks like the alcohol won this battle and will land the good Lieutenant in the unemployement line.
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    For future reference....Careers that can be advanced by biting the heads off live animals:

    Rock singer - YES
    Carnival side show performer - YES
    Fire Lieutenant - NO

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    Yet some people accused of being intoxicated on-duty or of DUI are not released??????????
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    Well if he does get let off, he will NEVER live it down at the firehouse. Imagine all the jokes you could play on this guy.
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    For all the life of me, i cant see a firefighter going to hell. At least not for very long. We would end up putting out all the fires and annoying the devil too much.

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    Default The Outcome

    Bird-biting incident ends in fines, probation

    Last update: June 02, 2005

    EDGEWATER -- Firefighter Bruce Coates will spend the next six months on probation and pay fines for biting the head off a parrot.

    County Judge Mary Jane Henderson handed down the sentence last week after Coates pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge for the Feb. 6 incident. Adjudication of guilt was withheld.

    The 34-year-old New Smyrna Beach man must also undergo a substance abuse and mental-health evaluation; write a letter of apology; perform 100 hours of community service; and pay $631 in fees and fines.

    In addition to the criminal penalties, Coates was suspended with pay from the Edgewater Fire Department for five shifts. Upon his return to work he was reduced two grades in rank and placed on a year's work probation. He also took a 15 percent pay cut.

    However, City Manager Ken Hooper said Wednesday based on the judge's sentence, if Coates successfully completes the conditions of his "last chance" reinstatement agreement with the city, the firefighter should return to his former rank in the near future.

    Coates was off-duty and attending a party at a neighbor's house when he bit the head off a pet Quaker parrot. After the incident, Coates told deputies he had been drinking and did not remember what happened.

    Calls to Coates' home for comment Wednesday went unreturned.
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