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    Default "Former" FF guilty in killing of trooper.

    LAWTON, Okla. (AP) - A jury returned a guilty verdict Tuesday
    against a former Duncan firefighter who was accused of killing a
    state trooper after a struggle on a rural road in Cotton County.
    After deliberating for less than two hours, the jury found
    Rickey Ray Malone guilty of first-degree murder.
    Malone, 30, was accused of shooting Oklahoma State Trooper Nikky
    Joe Green, 35, on Dec. 26, 2003. Green was shot twice in the back
    of the head. Portions of the crime were captured on Green's
    dashboard-mounted video camera.
    Linda Green, Nikky's widow, buried her face in her hands and
    wept quietly after hearing District Judge Mark Smith read the
    Across the packed courtroom, her husband's killer stared blankly
    at the jury of six women and six men.
    Malone's attorneys now will fight to convince the jury to spare
    his life when the penalty phase of the trial begins at 9 a.m.
    today. Malone's punishment could be death or life in prison, with
    or without the possibility of parole.
    Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.
    Malone had testified he was operating a mobile methamphetamine
    lab in a car. Green approached the vehicle and ended up losing his
    gun in a struggle after slapping a handcuff on one of Malone's
    wrists. Green was shot with his own weapon.
    Malone testified that he was in drug-induced haze at the time of
    the killing and thought he was fighting for his life against a
    robber. He claimed voices in his head told him to shoot Green.
    District Attorney Robert Schulte said after the verdict that
    this was a very emotional case.
    "It was just a senseless death," he said.
    Defense attorney Cheryl Ramsey said she was not surprised by the
    verdict and but had hoped the jury would consider that Malone's
    mental capacity was harmed by methamphetamine use.
    "We were hoping mental health issues would prevail," he said.
    Schulte said in closing arguments that Green's own desire to
    arrest Malone without violence may have led to his death.
    "Trooper Green knew he was walking up on a meth cook, he was
    going to be ready," Schulte said. "He had every opportunity to
    take Malone's life, but Trooper Green tried to take him down
    physically and not kill Malone.
    "That's the kind of person Nik Green was."
    Schulte described how Green lay on the ground and pleaded for
    his life before he was shot.
    On the video, Green can be heard saying, "Please don't kill me.
    I've got kids and a wife." His last words were "Lord, Jesus
    Ramsey said in her closing arguments that Malone's mind had been
    ravaged by use of methamphetamine.
    "This is a case of what meth can do to a person," she said.
    "He'd been smoking meth every hour and had been awake for 21
    days before the shooting."
    She said drug use and lack of sleep took away his ability to
    form the intent necessary to prove the first-degree murder charge
    against him.
    Malone had testified that methamphetamine use made him paranoid.
    He lost jobs as a Duncan firefighter and an emergency medical
    The trial was moved to Comanche County because of scheduling
    conflicts of expert witnesses and because Cotton County has only
    two trial dockets each year.
    At least 30 other Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers have died in
    the line of duty since 1941.
    The last trooper to die in the line of duty was Chris Van
    Krevelen who was killed on Thanksgiving Day 2002 in an automobile
    accident while responding to a report of a train-car accident in
    Information from: The Oklahoman, http://www.oklahoman.com

    (Copyright 2005 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)
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    Let's see...

    1. Meth head with a criminal record
    2. Actively engaged in narcotics distribution
    3. Shoots a trooper execution style
    4. On video
    5. OK jury


    Any bets on the outcome of this one? I think the over/under on this is about two hours.

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