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    Talking artificial intelligence

    OK lets have some fun with this one. It seems that the fire service equipment is headed solidly into the electronic age. It appears that the vehicles (pumpers,ladders and whatever) will be all electronically controlled. Good or bad? If you have been around long enough to have driven and operated the old KISS stuff how does it compare to the new modern stuff? Personally I don't like too many things thinking for me. They say all the new stuff is supposed to assist the fire types and engineers and make life easy. They are even talking about gadgets that wake you up if you get that early call and will darn near pick you up and carry you through everything. Too much articifial intelligence with not enough reliability? Feel free to jump on this one any way you want.

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    I dont mind things like load managers that shed load if your charging system has a problem. And the electronic safetys on our new quint are nice. But for the most part, its just more things that can go wrong. And I DO NOT like the electronic pump controls. Give me a hand throttle and manualy adjusted relife valve any day.
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    I don't have much of a problem with electronics so long as everything has a mechanical backup and a manual override.

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    Multiplex - ever have to tell a chief his pumper will be down for five days because we had to order a modem???

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    I've been driving for 5 years with a county cert and I mention this because our county loves rules of thumb FOR EVERYTHING. As you can imagine this doesn't allow drivers a hole lot of decision making process in the event you have a situation thats outside the box or different than rule of thumb.
    Just recently we have raised the bar and now are doing state cert which requires us to memorize, practically, the IFSTA manual. We now understand the details of being a true engineer which better equips us to make decisions when we don't have a rule of thumb or SOP for a particular situation.
    With this in mind and the exception to my phylosophy is safety devices. I think that too much technology in this area, ie the engine is thinking for us, leaves us with too much dependency on the engine doing our job. It will only be a few years before we are looking back on the days of calcing a line manually (small example only) and not remembering actually how to do it. Therefore back in the same position as only haveing rule of thumb.
    Optimally, I think the approach that we should take is to take advantage of the technology initially for quick deployment but also make it an SOP to manually check the systems in our head once things are up and running smoothly on the fire ground and NOT to soley rely on the Hale 2000 (computer).
    This holds us accountable for keeping up to date with our skills and current information instead of relying on arriving at the scene and pressing a button and calling it good.
    I guess what I'm getting at is that our brains are the final back up computer.
    Well thats my two cents, if its even worth that much.

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