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    Talking International Fire Fighter

    Hello everyone,
    Im a firefighter in Australia (originally Victoria but now South Australia) and was interested in the different terminology used in the various companies around the world. Was reading info about some but am now totally lost. Is anyone able to shed some light for me at all? While im at it is anyone interested in trading any fir shirts? Have started a collection of them and am willing to swap Victorian CFA shirts.

    Regards to everyone, be safe when the bell tolls


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    I'll try... This is New England terminology

    What you call a branch, we call a nozzle of the knob.
    What you call BA, we call SCBA, self contained breathing apparatus.

    Firefighter: Jake. The ultimate compliment is being called "a good jake".

    Alarms: We hve a slang term called a "bagger" A two alarm fire is a "two bagger", etc.

    Ambulance: Bone box. If you are assigned to the ambulance, you're "riding the bone". Also known as the gut wagon.

    Rake: a pike pole, a tool used to pull walls and ceiling down for fire extinguishment and overhaul.

    Skater: a firefighter who always manages to avoid work.

    Dorrway Dancer: a firefighter who always manages to have a problem with their PPE just before entering a burning building.
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    very good description of wacker. It's not just one thing that makes a wacker, but the whole package.

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    Default brenor

    How about telling us some of your terms....
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    Hey all,
    Good to see some names dont vary to much. Here are a few that i have heard around the traps.

    Branch: our nozzles
    Pumper: an urban appliance (truck), usually with limited or no off road capabilities
    Tanker: A rural appliance, usually used for grass, srcub or forest fires.
    Temporary Australian: People who insist on driving their cars like fools, usually your next call
    Potential Organ Donor: Same as Temporary Australian, except a motorcycle rider
    The job has gone "FUBAR" : F*&%ed up beyond all recognition
    Glow Worms: HAZMAT workers
    Dinners ready: People who insist on putting dinner on the stove, and then go out for the evening
    Self Deployer: The monthly award for funny, usually harmless bloopers that happen, eg ladders falling off appliances
    Probie: firefighter new to the job
    Devils Kitchen: Inside a structure, watching the beast make its own environment
    Junior: Same as probie, except an older fire fighter (this term is usually said by a younger but more experienced member)

    Hope you enojoy

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    Bugger- a term widely used when you discover that your pump has stopped working and there is a lot of hot stuff in need of wet stuff

    Oops- What you say when you drop your tool off the side of a structure

    Wet stuff- what you fancy northern hemispherians call water

    Rake-Hoe- A bushfire tool used to create fire breaks. Also called a McLeod tool. Its a rake on one side and a hoe on the other (go figure)

    Bushfire- brushfire

    cant think of too many more.
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