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    Originally posted by firefighterox
    Jennifer Wilbanks pled no contest to her charges of miss use of the 911 system today and got 2 yrs probation.
    Well, no, not really.

    According to the national media, she pleaded guilty to making false statements to police (not abusing the 911 system) and the court appearance was yesterday (6/2), not today.

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    Sorry, i thought i heard on the radio today that she plead no contest to abusing the 911 system.
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    We had a situation like this come up at the hospital I work at...

    We had parents showing up in our ED looking for their kids who had supposedly been involved in an accident and had been transported here. (which of course we hadn't seen, nor had our ambulance been dispatched to) We began calling around to the sheriff offices in the surrounding counties trying to figure out if there might have been an accident that could've led to confusion as to where the patients were transported. (which of course all had been quiet)

    We found out later that one of a group of kids had called his girlfriend, told her that he had been in an accident with a semi, and that although he wasn't hurt, one had been flown by helicopter to the regional trauma center, and the other 3 had been transported to our hospital. She panicked and called the parents which led them here.

    We called about wether or not their might be any charges, as our SO had sent a deputy out looking for an accident scene. But, since no 911 call was ever made, it went by the wayside....although I'm sure this kid got his ***** kicked by his parents as mad as they were when they found out what had happened.

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    'Bombing' transcripts released to media
    911 calls reported hostage situation
    Thursday, July 07, 2005
    Star-Ledger Staff
    The voice sounds unmistakably like a young, frightened girl, hurt and weeping as she calls a New Brunswick police dispatcher for help.
    "My mother boyfriend just raped me and he got me trapped in the bedroom," the caller said. "I'm only 14. He 38 years old. Please. He got, he got a bunch of guns. I'm bleeding. I'm bleeding all over the place," the caller said, according to transcripts of the 911 call to police.
    Only authorities say the caller wasn't a girl, but a 23-year-old woman, Fatin Ward, calling from Texas to make a false report about a rape and hostage situation at a Seaman Street apartment house in New Brunswick.
    In a second call made less than a minute later, a male voice tells the dispatcher that any police entering the house will be shot, according to the transcript.
    The two calls on March 22, each lasting less than two minutes, set off a false alarm that sent dozens of heavily armed police officers to the apartment and shut down streets in the heart of the city for six hours.
    Inside the apartment, three unsuspecting teens sat in fear until the father of two of the youths returned home and convinced them to come out. Police ordered all three youths to walk out backward and kneel on the ground, where they were handcuffed and taken away for questioning. The teens were not charged.
    Ward, along with an accomplice, 20-year old Wadu Jackson of Irvington, were charged with conspiracy and initiating a false public alarm.
    Authorities allege Ward was playing a game known as bombing, calling in a hoax emergency in the hopes of drawing police to a home where Jackson had a beef with one of the residents.
    Ward, when contacted by The Star-Ledger the next day, admitted making the call through a telephone party line called New Jersey Raven that made it impossible to trace her phone number.
    A transcript of the tape, as well as access to the recordings, were made available to The Star-Ledger after the newspaper won a court order from Superior Court Judge Frederick P. DeVesa in New Brunswick. The newspaper requested the tapes under the state's Open Public Records Act. The Middlesex County Prosecutor's Office provided access to the tapes yesterday.
    According to tapes of the calls, at 10:44 a.m. on Jan. 22, New Brunswick police dispatcher Rosa Burke received a call from someone asking for police at 226 Seaman St.
    The caller says she is a teenager who was attacked by an older man, and he now has her trapped in a bedroom. The caller says she is hurt, handcuffed to a bed, and afraid the man is going to return to the room and find her on the cellular telephone.
    Burke, reacting to the caller's claims, used her years of experience to comfort the girl and give calm, clear commands.
    "Listen, listen to me now. Just pretend you're just talking to your friends from school. Okay?" Burke said.
    The caller, her voice trembling, says she is afraid she will be caught with the telephone.
    Burke, using the voice of a parent consoling a daughter, or a teacher calming a student, advises the caller: "Listen to me. Just leave the phone off the hook. And put it under a pillow where I could hear you."
    Burke gathers more information, including the name of her attacker, who the caller identifies as Carlos Johnson. Burke checks the address of 226 Seaman St.
    Then suddenly, almost imperceptibly, there's a change in the conversation.
    Burke asks for the caller's phone number, and there is a pause. For a moment the caller doesn't respond, apparently thinking about what to say.
    "It's a cell phone. The only thing you can call is emergency numbers and I dialed 911," the caller says in a slightly more controlled tone.
    Burke keeps talking, and initiates a call to an officer.
    Suddenly a man's voice is heard. "Who the (expletive deleted) you on the phone with? Hang that (expletive deleted) up," and the conversation ends 1 minute, 27 seconds after it started.
    The tape recording captured Burke as her voice suddenly becomes more hurried in calling to an emergency medical technicians.
    "I just lost the caller," Burke says.
    Less than a minute later, a second call comes through to her from somebody claiming to be Carlos.
    "Yo. Ma'am," says the caller with a deeper voice. "This, this is Carlos. My stepdaughter just called.
    "Let me tell ya'll one thing. Ya'll come here, dog, I'm shootin' all ya' police officers. And you all not comin' here, and I'll kill myself. That's word. Alright? I'm letting you know this right now. I got mag guns and I'm not ready for gun play. Dog," the caller said.
    Before the last words are spoken, a second person, also with a deep voice, is heard saying, "You gonna die, (expletive deleted)," and the phone goes dead.
    Police immediately suspected there was a girl and two men in the house.
    Sharpshooters surrounded the house and managed to evacuate all the tenants except for three people in a third-floor apartment -- the two teenage boys and the teenage girl. The girl and her brother live in the apartment and are with the girl's boyfriend.
    There was no telephone in the room, and authorities said later that when the teens saw all the police, they were afraid to come out.
    It wasn't until the father of the girl and her brother came home that they could be persuaded to come out.
    The next day, police discovered there were similar incidents of fake 911 calls in other parts of New Jersey and other states, and linked the calls to Ward. She was arrested in her home town of Arlington, Texas, on March 24, two days after the 911 calls were made.
    Jackson was arrested on the same charges on the evening of March 24 in Hartford, Conn., where he was staying with an aunt.
    Although the 911 tapes recorded the voices of what sounded like two men making three threats in the Seaman Street house, only Ward and Jackson have been arrested. It is unclear whether Ward may have imitated a man's voice in one of the calls.
    Both have pleaded not guilty. Jackson has been released on $10,000 bail. Ward is being held on $100,000 bail at the Middlesex County jail in North Brunswick.
    Last month, she was charged with 17 similar hoax calls between December and March in Essex County. Officials in Essex County said Ward admitted making hundreds of hoax calls to police departments in New Jersey and other states.

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