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    Default The City Of Gilbert, Arizona

    The City of Gilbert, Arizona is the fastest growing city in the US from 2000-2003. The information below states that they will be hiring 45 firefighters from the upcoming test. Application period begins in June 2005.

    Go to the link below for more information

    Firefighter Recruitment Information and Frequently Asked Questions

    The Town of Gilbert will be recruiting for Firefighters in June, 2005. As time draws nearer, additional information will be posted on the web site that will contain information specific to the recruitment process. Please stay current with the web site for this information to come out.

    During the time between recruitment processes, frequent questions come up pertaining to when the process will begin as well as requirements for testing. The following information will define minimum qualifications in order to apply for firefighter positions as well as some suggestions potential candidates can use which may help prepare them for testing to become a firefighter for the Town of Gilbert.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What does the recruitment process include?
    How old do I have to be in order to become a firefighter?
    What type of education do I need to have?
    What does the recruitment process include?

    The Town of Gilbert is recruiting to staff an Adaptive Response Unit and two fire stations opening in 2006. We anticipate hiring forty-five full-time firefighters from this recruitment. This will involve running three Intern Academies and two full-time Recruit Academies.

    Step One
    The Town of Gilbert will be accepting applications for the position of firefighter in June, 2005. Individuals interested in submitting an application will be required to provide verifiable proof of having passed a Mesa Community College (MCC) or Glendale Community College (GCC) proctored Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT), with the employment application. The CPAT must have been passed in 2005. CPAT tests passed prior to 2005 will not be accepted. For questions regarding cost, financial aid, dates and registration, contact Tina Anderson at MCC. Telephone number is (480) 988-8326. MCC CPAT Orientations will begin March 19th and Testing will begin the week of May 9th. Contact MCC for all information and registration regarding CPAT. The specific application dates will be determined in the near future. For updated recruitment information visit the Town of Gilbert Fire Department website at www.ci.gilbert.az.us/fire.

    Download Process Packet

    Step Two
    The job-opening announcement for firefighter positions will be posted in June, 2005. The job announcement will be posted on the website as well as in our Personnel Department located at 50 E. Civic Center Drive. Civic Center Drive is located about ¼ miles south of the intersection of Gilbert and Warner Roads. Turn east on Civic Center and the first building on the north side is the Town of Gilbert Municipal Building.

    Step Three
    Applications are only accepted during the posting period, which typically lasts five working days. Town postings are displayed starting at 5:00 pm on Friday and stay up until the following Friday at 5:00 pm. This gives applicants a full five working days to view postings. The postings are available on the website over the weekend as well. Only applications that are turned in during this time frame with proper CPAT verification will be accepted.

    Step Four
    Those applicants who meet the minimum qualifications will be invited to take an entry level written examination. The written test is tentatively schedule to take place in July, 2005. A minimum passing score will then be determined and those who have scored high enough will move on to the next step.

    Step Five
    The candidate must next complete an oral interview process with members from our department. Only those candidates who score high enough will continue to the next step.

    Step Six
    After the interviews are complete, a list of candidates is formed and invitations are made to these individuals to attend an Intern Academy. The Intern Academy is a one day a week commitment that lasts eight weeks. Those who are selected and accept, volunteer their time all day on eight consecutive Saturdays. The first of three Intern Academies is scheduled to begin in September; the second will begin in October; the third will follow at a date to be determined. The Intern Academy is a useful hiring tool enabling the Town of Gilbert to select the best candidates for our Recruit Academies.

    Step Seven
    Once selected for the Recruit Academy a conditional job offer is made pending background investigations and a thorough medical evaluation (a two-month process). Upon successful completion of these steps an individual becomes a full-time employee with the Gilbert Fire Department. Recruits will then begin a Monday-Friday, twelve-week full-time academy. After completing the academy, the firefighter will be assigned to either an engine or ladder company. The firefighter is rotated 3 times over this next year to give him/her exposure to different stations and Captains.

    How old do I have to be in order to become a firefighter?

    You must be at least eighteen years of age at the time of application.

    What type of education do I need to have?

    At the time of application you must posses a high school diploma or GED. The Gilbert Fire Department also encourages those who are applying to enroll in college courses related to the fire service. Applicants are not required to have their State Certification for Firefighter 1 and Firefighter 2. This will be obtained during the Recruit Academy. Another job requirement for full-time firefighters is to be certified in the State of Arizona as an Emergency Medical Technician or EMT. At the time a conditional job offer is made for full-time employment candidates must posses and maintain a current Arizona State Emergency Medical Technician(EMT) certification. Job offers are completed during pre-employment screening, this occurs after the Intern Academy and before the Recruit Academy.
    Candidates from out of state need to contact the Arizona Department of Health Services to obtain information on “challenging” the Arizona test to obtain the necessary certification. The main number to ADHS is (602) 542-1000.

    Since 1950, Don McNea Fire School has prepared over 40,000 fire applicants with our entry level seminars and products. Fireprep.com has over 250 pages of FREE information and career articles to help you reach your goal of becoming a firefighter.

    Go to www.fireprep.com and register for our free fireprep e-mail newsletter that currently has over 14,000 subscribers.

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    Looking forward to testing. I currently live in Gilbert and know that it is extremely competitive to get hired. A neighboring city, Tempe, passed out 1400 applications for only 18 positions.

    Good luck anyone else applying in the Valley.

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    Default Gilbert AZ Lateral Transfers

    Does anyone in the Valley take Lateral FF/Medics with experience?

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    Default Re: Gilbert AZ Lateral Transfers

    Originally posted by DanMcGR9
    Does anyone in the Valley take Lateral FF/Medics with experience?
    Again, your best bet-


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