Just watched the news on T.V--in the good 'ole U.S of A--you are apparently giving Viagra to convicted sex offenders.
The Newsweek publication has told you that the Koran has been flushed down the toilet--the rag heads have killed people over this--now the the News week people say "we have made a mistake"-really? You put your troops and your allies under this crap-and it is a "mistake"--these people should be taken to the front line and made to live it.

Do not think I am just having a "pop" at you guys--During the Falklands conflict a right "Tosser" of the first magnitude working for a British newspaper and "embedded" with a front line British forward fighting infantry battalion--reported back where he was, what they were doing, and where they going.

This was printed in the English papers--then this prize prat complained when he got attacked by the Argentinian forces.He was lucky he never got strung up by the "goolies" by the troops he was with.

Where do they get them from? Rant over.