Hey guys here is a local news story, after today, they have not found anyone. Just pray for the rescue workers and the families. I will update as much as possible.
MADISON, Miss. -- Rescue workers on Monday resumed the search for a teenage girl who fell overboard in a boating accident at a Madison County lake.
Officials said 17-year-olds Lanie Kealhoffen, Rachel Blackledge, Ben Busching and Jonah Gunalda were in a small motor boat Sunday afternoon on Lake Caroline. The wake created by a passing boat caused Blackledge and Kealhoffen to fall overboard.
According to the Madison County Sheriff's Department, a portion of Blackledge's leg was severed, apparently by the boat's propeller. Hospital officials said she is listed in fair condition at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson.
Authorities said Kealhoffen did not surface.
Madison County Sheriff Toby Trowbridge said no charges will be filed in the incident.
"My daughter found out at church and she called me and said Lanie was missing -- there was a boating accident," said family friend Renee Bucker. "We dropped what we were doing and decided to come out here and just pray for the family and just let them know that we're here."
Dive teams, police and wildlife officials were working together to find Kealhofer, a student at Madison Central High School.
In 2002, the U.S. Coast Guard said recreational boaters were involved in 239 propeller accidents, 47 of them fatal.
The Coast Guard recommends propeller guards for boats. One type is the full cage, designed to keep humans from getting between the blades.
Any boat with propeller guards likely will lose speed and power.