Hello everyone, I am a senior in high school and about to graduate in about a month. I have one last Englsih term paper and the topic that was given was something on culture. Each person in the class has to come up with their own topic of choice. I am doing my research paper on Firefighting Cultures of another country. I am a firefighter in the U.S. and I was wondering if there was anyone that could provide me with some information on my English paper. What ever you could give me would be highly appreciative. I have done some research and found somethings that differ from the American way of firefighting. The paper is on like the difference between American Firefighting to other countires way of firefigting. I am looking but not limiting to Ireland and Italy and other european countires. But if there are people from other counrties or know other countires way of performing the job if you can please reply to me or emial me at firefighter2005@firehousemail.com.
Thank You
Volunteer Firefighter