Filter fire starts at Mity-Lite
Associated Press

OREM A filter fire at the Mity-Lite north building in Orem gave nearly 60 employees an extended lunch break Thursday morning.
The fire started about 10 a.m. when a spark got into the filter system and ignited the flammable cone-like filters, said Orem Fire Battalion Chief Andy Byrnes.
Employees were evacuated from the building and stood milling about in the parking lot while firefighters pulled out and hosed down the charred filters. Other firefighters worked on getting the smoke out of the building with large fans.
A few of the filters were in filter boxes, making the extraction more difficult, but Byrnes said it would probably only take the crews an hour to be done.
"It's a lot of smoke, not a lot of flame or damage," he said.
The company builds lightweight folding tables and chairs.