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    Yesterday we had one of my hubby'd Lt at his dept dropprf dead of a heart attack. He is just a few years older then
    He was in great shape, been with the dept for 24 yrs. He
    had been doing some training in the morning and got
    back to the station and said he didn't feel right.
    One of the medics at the station checked him and
    rushed him to a nearby hospital where he died an hour
    You know sometimes I forget the risks of the job. I
    take for granted my husband's line of work. My husband and I sat eyes
    glued to the TV because the hungry press picked up on
    it and of course ran with the story. A few years back
    there was a terrible training death at a FD an hour
    north of here and the news wouldn't stop about it. I
    guess they figured something like that happened again
    but it wasn't due to negligence - but something
    inherent to being a FF. Needless to say it made me
    very sad. I kept thinking how I would have felt if
    it were my husband and myfamily that had to watch it
    on TV. Ugh.
    I just wanted to say thanks to all you guys for what you do and the families at home that keep everything going!
    Anyway, here it is Memorial Day weekend - please
    take a minute to remember the fallen FF and their
    families and all the wonderful troops/civilians overseas - and especially our FF guys in Iraq.

    Be safe!


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    Nice post Suz. Thanks!

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    God bless you and yours Suz.

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    God bless
    Training does not make perfect. Training makes permanent!

    IACOJ probie

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