I wanted to rake a moment and Introduce myself to the folks here at firehouse.com, which has created a great category of forums, topics and news.

My name is Dave and I am in my 27th year of EMS, I wanted to share my comments about this great site and take a quick moment to say hello.

Besides EMS, I have a great hobby and that is following the mighty ships that sail our Great Lakes, and as a result I have posted several pictures and articles regarding these freighters

Great Lakes Ships

If anyone who views this post also injoys the frieghters I would really enjoy the chance to talk about my third love Great Lakes Shipping.

Finally as a fsther of five I want to share with you that two of my sons have joined the U.S. Military, 1 is in the Airforce the Othe in the Coast Guard. Great Lakes Coast Guard

Again Hello and I hope to get to know as many of the folks here as possible.

Stay Safe & GodBless


my conact data is included in my profile