D H Craun Jr Passes Away
The Warrenton Volunteer Fire Co. regrets to announce the passing of Life Member David Harvey "Skeeter" Craun Jr. Craun succumbed to along battle with cancer in the early morning hours of May 30, 2005. Craun retired from the Vint Hill Farm Station Fire Department. He will be remembered for his years as a driver operator for the WVFC. His wisdom and unconditional love for the fire service will be missed.

He leaves behind his Wife Virginia Craun and one grandchild. He was preceded in death by his father D. H. Craun Sr. and son DH Craun III. Funeral arrangements have not been released.

( copied from www.warrentonfire.org )


Mr. Craun had been a member of the department for almost 70 years. Although he was no longer an active firefighter, he was there each day and did what he could to help. He often rode to the big ones and would sometimes be seen watching the pump while someone was doing something. He was quick to pitch in and help when we returned. I responded to many a call with "Skeeter" and will always remember him for what he stood for and what he did for that department. Skeeter was a mentor to many of us in my old department. He was there through thick and thin and taught many of us (myself included) a great deal. It is with heavy heart that I write this tribute to him. I was made aware that he passed this morning by my son who is a member of the department there. He gave me h**l more than once for something I did or did not do. And one thing is for sure...he did not discriminate....he gave everyone the same. We will miss him for that and we will miss him for his constant contributions and dedication to the Warrenton Volunteer Fire Department. We may not have agreed on a lot of things but we did agree to disagree with each other. I saw him recently on a visit to Virginia. He was at the firehouse shining on one of the pumpers. That is the way I will remember him...despite the fact he was failing with cancer, he was at that firehouse doing what he loved. God bless him and keep him.