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    Default iraq firefighting

    Just started app process for Wackenhunt. Has anyone heard about what the conditions are like? What living conditions are like, run volume-EMS vs. Fire etc... Any and all info good or bad would be greatly appreciated. jwhale7

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    Thumbs up got some info for u

    o k hoss, here's the scoop. some bases have new fire houses...others are staying in old iraqi stations...and some are staying in tents. we only do first responder level of ems. call volume all depends on which base u get assigned to. i'm up north in q west. pretty quiet for the most part. equip. is great. we have a total of 7 pieces in service. just keep in mind something...it's all what u make of it. u get out of this as much as u put in. great guys to work with overall. bout all there is to know. good luck.

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