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    What is a "volunteer coordinator"..? And is it a "paid position".?.

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    Default Safer???

    I think the program is asking you to assign a volunteer coordinator - The concept being that someone needs to be in charge of the process and someone needs to make sure that there is follow through.

    I do not see that this has to be a paid position. My original thought when I saw this was that the grant is suggesting that this should be a paid position however after review and reflection, I know think that is a decision up to the department. In the circumstance of the Volunteer Department that I serve in, having a member serve in a paid or stipend position may cause some problems - it would be counter to the culture of our Volunteer Department.

    I think the issue is that one size does not fit all. This grant does suggest items - assessments, marketing plan, volunteer coordinator and requires certain items but it also allows for local projects to address local needs.


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