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    In 2004 my department was considered rural when I applied for the fire act grant..... this year I was considered suburban (at least that is what the app told me.) Now I am trying to apply for the Safer Grant and don't know which one to pick. According to the help portion of the app, I fit the rural. Any suggestions?


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    I would suggest that you have two options in answering this question. The first option is how the US Census classifies your community - http://www.census.gov/geo/www/ua/ua_2k.html however that does a break down as rural or urban.

    A better option might be to use the system based by NFPA - http://www.nfpa.org/itemDetail.asp?c...ent%20process/ and this is something that is easy to check. I took the Square Miles that our district covers and devided it by population and the result confirms that our district is rural.

    I hope that helps,


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