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    Post Philly judge orders city to accept Muslim firefighter's beard

    Philly judge orders city to accept Muslim firefighter's beard

    Associated Press Writer
    PHILADELPHIA (AP) - A Muslim firefighter who refuses to shave
    his beard on religious grounds should not be fired while his legal
    case unfolds, a city judge ruled in an early test of a state
    religious freedom law.
    The temporary injunction marks the first application by a judge
    of the Pennsylvania Religious Freedom Protection Act, according to
    the lawyer representing firefighter Curtis De Veaux.
    Mary Catherine Roper, an American Civil Liberties Union lawyer
    in Philadelphia who represents De Veaux, said the ruling means her
    client must be allowed to work while the case continues.
    The Philadelphia Fire Department prohibits beards and mustaches
    for safety reasons, saying they can prevent firefighters from
    getting a good seal when they wear respirators. Most big-city fire
    departments ban facial hair, but some, including the District of
    Columbia, have made exceptions, Roper said.
    The 25-year-old De Veaux, a practicing Muslim for about five
    years, agreed to shave when he joined the department two years ago.
    But as his faith deepened, he decided he was no longer willing to
    compromise the point, he said.
    "My duty to follow my beliefs outweighs my duty to the fire
    department," said De Veaux, who also argues that he has a skin
    condition that makes it painful to shave. He said that he can get a
    proper seal on the type of respirators now used by the city.
    De Veaux was suspended without pay Feb. 2 and told he would be
    fired a month later if he did not shave. The city agreed to
    postpone termination proceedings during the legal challenge, Roper
    The state's three-year-old religious freedom law allows people
    to challenge laws that interfere with the practice of religion.
    They must prove that the state has no compelling reason to apply
    them. Similar laws were passed in other states after a federal
    religious freedom law was overturned in 1997.
    De Veaux, who supports a wife, daughter and younger brother,
    said he made about $57,000 a year with overtime at the department
    in his first year. The injunction, issued Friday by Common Pleas
    Court Judge Joseph Dych, also bars the city from reducing his pay
    or benefits.
    Anne Barden, a deputy city solicitor handling the case, did not
    immediately return a telephone message Wednesday. In court
    documents, she said the city has a legitimate need to enforce the
    "Allowing a firefighter to wear a beard with a respirator would
    create an extremely dangerous condition for the firefighter
    himself, his fellow firefighters and the citizens they are sworn to
    protect," she wrote in a reply to De Veaux's complaint.

    (Copyright 2005 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)
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    The Amish are allowed to have their beard's. They still are allowed to pack up. Oh and by the way we are all over here: http://cms.firehouse.com/forums2/sho...threadid=70645
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    Another post suffers the ultimate penalty of death from the post police.

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    Thumbs up if it is already being discussed why discuss it again ?

    good job tyler !
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    Pardon me sir.. .....but I believe we are all over here !
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