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    Monkey business Jun 2 2005

    Simon Haworth, Evening Gazette

    The famous legend of the Hartlepool monkey has been revived following the discovery of a mysterious bone on a beach.

    A family looking for sea shells discovered what could be proof that a monkey was hanged in Hartlepool on suspicion of being a French spy.

    The family made the shock discovery of what they thought was a human thigh bone on the beach at Seaton Carew. The dad, who declined to be identified, took the bone to the police station.

    He said: "It just seemed to jump out at me. I thought it was old and looked human and I thought it may be something the police would want to look at."

    A police surgeon confirmed fears that it could well be human and detectives were dispatched to the beach.

    But the next day a pathologist at the University Hospital of North Tees confirmed the bone was definitely not human - and was more likely to be from a large monkey or gorilla.

    The monkey-hanging legend is the most famous story connected with Hartlepool. During the Napoleonic Wars of 1793 to 1815, when there were fears of French spies and infiltrators, a ship was wrecked off the Hartlepool coast.

    Hartlepool fishermen found among the wreckage the ship's pet monkey. Unfamiliar with what a Frenchman or a monkey looked like, they came to the conclusion that it was a French spy and it was then, according to the story, hanged on the beach.

    Detective Sergeant Matt Mason, who became the first officer to investigate the monkey bone, has had wisecracks from colleagues.

    A gorilla with one leg and a crutch has been drawn on the wall and comments such as "Which one's the monkey?" have been bandied around.

    "There have been a few jokes flying around but at the end of the day we are pleased that we are not looking at the remains of a human body," he said.

    Detective Superintendent Steve Swales said: "Matt has been the butt of a few jokes. It would be interesting to know the history of the bone. However, as it is not human it will not be a priority and our investigation is closed."

    I know the guys from the UK know the story of the monkey in hartlepool England, and why they are called monkey hangers. I still find this story funny even though I used to live not too far from this town.

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    Stranger, You is tresspassing on ma dirst farm.

    you cant get too much more hillbillish then that. surely you would at least assume that French people are human. Wait, i take it all back. They are a bunch of surrender monkeys.
    "There are only two things that i know are infinite, the universe and human stupidity. And im not so sure about the former."

    For all the life of me, i cant see a firefighter going to hell. At least not for very long. We would end up putting out all the fires and annoying the devil too much.

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