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    Wink first-degree stupidity

    This is an acticle from the local newspaper, in a section with weird stories.
    A tip for would-be gasoline thieves. When stealing gas in the dark, don't use a lighter to see how you're doing.
    Police in Thurman, New York, say that's what Glen Germain Jr. did when he was siphoning gas from a dump truck at a business in the Anarondacks last month.
    THe sheriff's dept alleged yesterday that Germain was transferring the fuel from the truck to a gas can when he used a lighter to see how full the container had become. That sparked a fire that caused minor burns to his face and hands. The fire spread to a nearby forklift, which was destroyed in the blaze.
    Germain has been charged with petty larceny, criminal mischief and first-degree stupidity.

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    Minor burns ?! Dang that wont even earn him an honorable mention as a Darwin candidate.

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