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    Default 30-40min run/walk interval training??

    I'm needing some help. Several years ago (circa 1997) Men's Health had a workout program that involved interval training alternating running and walking for 30-40min. I used the program my sophmore year of high school to prepare for football and it worked great.

    Now that I'm 23 and terribly out-of-shape (like 50lbs heavier than I was in HS with around 60% of the muscle mass) I'm wanting to give it a try again but I can't find it. With my EMS work schedule 30-40 min/wk is about all that i can squeeze in 3-4 times a week. It involved rotations of like 2min run followed by 3 min walk x6-8 and after every week or 2 the times would change to like 3min run and 2 min walk x6-8. Does anyone have a system set up similar that I could get a copy of.

    I know that I'll probably never get back to my power-lift condition I had when i was 15-17 just b/c I dont have the 12-15hrs/wk to dedicate, but I would like to at least drop 20-40lbs. And maybe talk the girlfriend into doing it with me.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

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    Let's talk, because I have an idea after looking at your site. Send me an email at richmeyer@fastbodies.com.
    Yours in health & safety,
    Rich Meyer, Strength Coach
    Author of FAST Responders: The Ultimate Guide to Firefighter Conditioning
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