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    I am in the process of trying to develop a year long fire prevention program instead of the typical one month of the year stuff my dept does. could anyone give me some suggestions

    Thank you.
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    Could u give a little more info on ur department.

    The community we serve has events throughout the year like a party in the park every year that we go to and we will give out fire prevention stuff let people view our apparatus show any new "toys" we may have gotten. And as i've posted before i've been working on a kids combat challenge that is coming along good. I am also looking into a type of summer camp if you will that my department could hold(this is no where near being done) that would give kids a week or week and a half fire prevention camp I guess u could say.

    hope that helps I would suggest taking certain times such as weekend before weekend after the 4th of july and hold an ice cream social. And work in some fire prevention stuff.

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    The first step would be to do a risk assessment on your community. This is basically taking a look at what are the primary causes for your fires and emergencies, and seeing in what time frame these falls. Then based on that, you develop a program to address these issues as they occur. Some will be year round ussues, such as kitchen/cooking fires and home escape/smoke detectors (though you may want to focus more on these if you have a "structure fire season"). Others such as heating related fires, BBQ fires, flammable liquid fires, etc. will be seasonal in nature. Build your program around these topics ... talk about them just before they start (such as in the case of talking about heating equipment prevenative maintanence) as while as during the time period they are a problem.

    Here is an example from my old department in Vermont. During these months I ran newspaper articles and had a message reminder on my local access TV station. I do the same type of thing here in Louisiana, but talk a bit more about EMS issues such as Heat Related Emergencies, etc.....

    January: Fireplace/Woodstove Firesafety
    Febuary: Carbon Monoxide
    March: Kitchen/Cooking Firesafety
    April: Varied
    May: Controlled Burning Safety
    June: Flammable Liquid Safety
    July: BBQ Safety
    August: Pool/Water Safety
    Septemeber: Juvenile Firesetting
    October: Smoke Detectors/Home Escape
    Novemeber: Heating Safety
    Decemeber: Holiday Firesafety

    Generally September, October, March and April here I pretty much leave for school programs. Try to wedge the pre-scholls into Novemeber and January. Other programs include an Open House which we run in the spring (VT I ran in the fall) and I do 1-2 TV shows a year which are run on the public access channel and produced by the local college. You could target community groups as speaking opportunties. Also use community events as an outlet, even if it is something a simple as a small booth where you handout brochures.
    Don't foget something as basic as setting up a table, and amybe a couple of props outside your local supermarket once a week to catch shoppers. This may also be coupled with a few simple recruiting posters and a recruiting handout. A great investment is a sign in front of your station with rotating firesafety messages. Or maybe just 8-10 realtor type signs at your communties 1-2 key intersectionswith rotating firesafety messages. And don't forget the community newspaper if you have one .. articles, press release, etc.

    If you have any questions or want to pick my brain furthur, feel free to e-mail.
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    Smart advcie from an obviously smart and experienced educator!

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