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    Default Pre-Plan forms

    I did a search for this topic and did not find anything very recent. I am looking for a preplan form that my volunteer dept could use. Before I go into the process of making a new one I thought I would see what everyone else is using. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    This is the information we have on our forms:

    Business Name
    Primary & Secondary contacts
    Size L,W,H
    Alarm yes/no; location
    Sprinklers yes/no; hookup location
    Haz-Materials; where
    Nearest water/hydrants
    Construction Type
    Estimated Day & Night occupancy
    Exposures; what sides, how close, what are they
    Initial Assignment
    Mutual Aid Assignment
    Special Information, Hazards, Notes

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    Someone can correct me if I am wrong. But I think IFSTA as a Pre-Plan example in their essentails book. Reason why i say that is because the trainers in my department did a Pre=Plan training and since they are Level 1 Trainers in this state that have to use the IFSTA training manuals.
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    My uncle just sent something to me from arizona. It is a computerized pre-plan form in the form of a power point. It is called the COBRA program. You should contact somebody in the Tuscon department and ask for a copy

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