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    Default Your Fire Dept. Traditions

    I am compiling info on traditions across the US that are unique to your fire depts. These traditions can be anything, from riding postion nicknames, to who cooks and why, to officer responsibilities in the kitchen, to any other quirky tradition that you may think only happen in your fire dept. For example, I have heard that in one dept every firehouse eats spaghetti on the same night. That is the stuff I am looking for. If you could also include the history behind this tradition, if you know it, that would be great. Any help in this would be greatly appreciated. You can email me at b2w@comcast.net. Thank you in advance for any help.

    Eric Guida
    Sacramento Fire Dept.

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    Since you included food into your tradition's, we have just a few.
    Friday night is our "fish fry", and of course it's Saturday night pizza followed up by Sunday morning brunch.
    These menu item's run standard on these days throughout all 37 engine houses we have. Any house you wander into on those days, it's a sure bet on what you'll have to eat.
    All are homemade, and home cooked.
    It's also tradition that the "cub", or junior man on shift put's out the eight o'clock pop corn.

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