Hi everyone. As you can probably see by my low number of posts, I am new to these boards. To give you a little info on myself I am 24 years old who recently have been looking into a career change into firefighting. As of now I have an Associates Degree in Science and Arts and and hold a management position at a cafe. I basically floated my way through college not really having any direction as to what I wanted to do and basically just landed the degree I have now. After landing the job I have now I became married, now have a child and we are expecting another one in January. Needless to say my family life has begun.

Once I became the family man I am now( you know, the father that stumbles over the kids toys and reminds many of Tim Allen incarnate from Tool Time) I started to look at my life as living for others. To make a long paragraph shorter, I developed an interest in firefighting. I have come to see my desires as wanting to be someone that my children can look up to and say "Yes, my daddy is a firefighter". I want to teach my children how to be proud of what you do and show them not to settle for less. I desire to show them that when you set goals that though trials and failures may occur that eventually when you push through that you can accomplish what you so desire. Needless to say I am not finding this where I am working now....to hold a job knowing that I can put others needs before myself, knowing that I am making a difference .

With that said, I am just now trying to prepare myself to make this career change. I am just now finding out about testing and how to go down the path to become a firefighter. Plans may look like I may go back to school in the fall to study EMT work or may go for another Associates in Fire Science.

The reason I post all this info about myself and to tell you what may seem like a life story is in hopes that I may gain some words of wisdom from you guys. Any advice you may have for someone just starting off on the road I am. Any thing you may remember from when you may have been where I am that you would like to share. I am welcome to any and all comments you may have.