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    Ten Seconds With God

    Ten seconds is a very long time
    When that’s all you have to live
    Time enough to make your peace
    But not enough to give…

    To give your honey one more kiss
    To squeeze her oh so tight
    To give your kids assurance that
    Everything will be all right

    From the moment I began this job
    I’ve prepared for this day
    So now, as He calls me home
    It seems I know the way

    Kaboom, kaboom, kaboom, kaboom
    Like a freight train bearing down
    I instantly knew how this would end
    And I felt His peace surround…

    Surround my body, and my soul
    Surround my brothers in arms
    I felt His love, like a giant cloak
    Sheltering us from harm

    While answering the call that day
    I saw the second plane
    It glided through the cloudless sky
    Then burst into fiery rain

    It rained down fire, rained down dust
    It rained down bodies, too
    It seemed no matter how we tried
    There was nothing we could do

    We knew that people trapped above
    The hole that ripped the tower
    Could never escape, with their lives
    Without His awesome power

    I prayed that day, a silent prayer
    As I stepped inside the lobby
    I knew that without His help
    We’d only recover bodies

    We started up the narrow stairs
    While others were heading out
    As we passed the scared civilians
    Some began to shout…

    “God bless you, our brave firemen.
    You’re heroes to us all.”
    But we were merely doing our jobs
    Answering the call

    We knew when we began the fight
    We all would not survive
    But by risking our lives for others
    We keep the dream alive…

    The dream that good will conquer all
    And God will help us through
    Reward us with eternal life
    As we begin anew

    I saw the face of God that day
    As He led me to this place
    His will, not ours, will be done
    Accept this fact with grace

    I understood, at once, that day
    What we were sent here for
    Watch over each other as best we can
    For who could ask for more

    Ten seconds is a very long time…

    Copyright 2004 by Tom Kenney

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    For my "343" post,I wanted to say that I still appreciate the sacrifices made by ALL firefighters everywhere in the world.
    We might have people that think the only departments that matter are American but tain't so.Other countries have firefighters with just as harrowing situations as we do and are just as worthy of our respect.
    Never forget that 343 firefighters kept going into buildings knowing full well that they could come down at any time.
    That is what we do:run into buildings that everyone else is trying to get out of.
    It doesn't matter if we are men,women,white,black,Asian,or speak English,Spanish,German,Russian,Thai,or and Kurdish dialect.
    We respond when people need us and we need to keep doing so.We also need to recognize when things are too bad even for us and back out when needed.

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