Hullo everyone. I am just letting you know that there will be a Memorial Motorcycle Ride on 11th June organized by the About Motorcycles forum members to St Cloud in memory of Dale Schwitalla, known to us as 'Vinnie'. If anyone out there would like to join in, please do, and below are the details as posted on the About Motorcycles Forum:


Greets All, The final plans for the first annual Pacific Northwest Vinnie Memorial Ride, 11 June, are coming together. In hopes of accomodating riders from both north and south, the initial rendezvous will be in Cottage Grove, OR, which is located near I-5 at exit 174. A specific location will be decided and announced...soon...honest. I'm gonna shoot for being there around 0830.

After all are present and accounted for, we will ride along the Row river, through a covered bridge and around Dorena Lake. We might take our ride out one side of the river and return on the other. In the spirit of being "Blissfully Free" we'll make up some our ride as we go along. I understand that Mike (Oremac) is very familiar with this area. Any suggestions from him or anyone else with similar knowledge are very welcome.

We'll stop for some chow somewhere along the way and that would be a good time for those wishing to do so to share their reasons for being on this ride. I look forward to hearing how our friend, Vinnie, has touched your life. Some of us are very aware of his presence still. Some of us have him along on our rides. He'll most certainly be along on this one. Let's talk about him 'till his ears turn red.

So get your tune-ups, new tires, bling-bling, road maps and essential paraphernalia taken care of, my brothers and sisters, and get your bad self to our First Annual Pacific Northwest Dale Vincent Schwitalla Memorial Ride...11 June, 2005.

I know this ride will be a great comfort to Dale's wife Linda, his three children, parents and family and they are looking forward to it.