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    Default Class A uniforms

    I am looking for info on grants/funding that are available to purchase Class A uniforms. I am spearheading this project for my dept of 48 but with current budget problems, money is the biggest obstacle. Any ideas would be welcome. Thank you

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    I highly doubt there is grant money out there for Class A uniforms since they are not a daily functional part of the job. Plan on about $500 a person for basic pants, shirt, jacket, hat, tie, belt. If you can get the members to agree to get their own tie, belt and shoes you can save some money there. Just make sure the stuff is uniform.

    What do you need this uniform for? Parades? Funerals? Can you go with an inbetween A/B type uniform without a jacket?

    Just some thoughts.
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    As Tide said I don't think you will find any grant or outside money to fund uniforms, as they are simply decrative in nature. While they do make the department look polished and profressional in parades and at funerals, and can develop a espre' de corps among the firefighters, they have no value on the fireground and will not be eligable for any outside grant funding. As Tide has mentioned, maybe you can come up with a less expensive option that can be funded internally.
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    For a suggestion, try asking local businesses if they would be willing to donate the money for the uniforms. Or you could have all of the members pay for their uniforms and the company just pay for the badges, insignia, etc.

    Hope this helps and good luck.

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