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    Default St. Louis or Milwaukee

    Anyone know when these two powerhouses are testing for firefighters... would normally call, but it's Saturday, and I'm anxious.

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    Default St. Louis DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME

    I currently live in St. Louis Mo.
    and I am GETTING the HELL out of here as quick as my car can get me.
    let us take it city vs county

    St. Louis City

    you have to know some one to even get an interview and most of the time they want some body just out school. NO GOOD and the only way you can get to the fire side is if you work St. Louis EMS (St. Louis Fire and EMS are two different things even though they use the same Name)

    Now St. Louis County

    99.9% of the departments require the ST. Louis County Fire Accemdy (which no one can get in because the Board of Fire Commisioners Can not pull there HEADS OUT THERE BUTTS long enough to decide when to hold the training then it is 2500.00 not including your own gear which you must provide) as well as out of the departments want you to be a medic at least.
    Then this does get you a job I know of about 20 Medics who payed there own way thru the accemdy and still work for private service

    I am not going to waste my time or money on this and would not recomend any one else to do it either but this is just my opion take it or leave it just a heads up for you GOOD LUCK no matter what you decide to do

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    St. Louis tested last year in the late fall and established an eligibility list. They have still not hired anyone off the list due to economic concerns and a pending lawsuit over the last list (hearsay).
    Milwaukee has a website, including a link to fill out an on-line interest card, and they will send you a mailing next time they take applications.
    i work for kansas city fire, and the guys i know in st. louis say the outlook is pretty bleek right now. i don't know anything about milwaukee, aside from their website info which i looked into before i hired on here.
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    St. Louis tested and established a list in 2003. It expires this December so they should be taking aps. soon. I know this cuz I'm on it.

    The first class off the list should be graduating this week. I'm told they started w/about 20 and half didn't make it thru. I was also told there is supposed to be another class as soon as they do graduate.

    I just got a letter in the mail on Sat. requesting to call my 'contact person' at HQ. I think my number may finally be up.

    I'm not on EMS nor am I fresh out of school. I am a 12 year veteran of a career dept. in Indiana and I was a volly for about 6 years before that. I ranked pretty high on the list.


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