BEIJING, June 15 (Reuters) - Chinese police have arrested
four managers of a hotel in the southern province of Guangdong
for a fire that killed 31 people last week, mostly karaoke
hostesses, the China Daily reported on Wednesday.
The newspaper said one of the men, who it described as the
boss of Huanan Hotel, was accused of preventing hotel staff
from calling the fire brigade. "He is also said to have run off
as the flames took hold," it said.
The blaze broke out shortly after noon on Friday and spread
through three floors of the hotel in the city of Shantou. Many
of the victims were women working as hostesses in the hotel's
karaoke rooms, the China Daily said.
It said fire authorities had asked the hotel to improve its
safety standards at least five times between 2001 and 2004.
Police are searching for other managers from the hotel.
Seven of 21 people in hospital after the blaze have been
released, it said.


I wonder what penalties they might face?