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    Hey BC..i got this email and an Update 1199a it good news? Anyone get the same? I have enclosed part of the email.

    DHS is collecting documentation to complete and authenticate your Assistance to Firefighters application. This documentation is necessary for further review of your application. Please go to and select the Firefighters Grants hyperlink. This will take you to the Assistance to Firefighters eGrants system. Enter your User Name and Password as requested on the login screen (on the left). Your User Name and Password are the same as those used to complete the application on-line....

    We recieved a FEMA 3 years ago, so I dont remember..or could i just be getting my hopes up? No questons yet.
    $225,000 for new pumper.....

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    warm up the bidding machine you are most likely going shopping

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    These would be the prenotifications that award winners party over. Although "not a notification of an award" there hasn't been anyone yet that has gotten these and not gotten the money. Unless they turned it down. Details.

    Anywho, reply to the email, fill out the 1199A online stuff so you can print it, take it to the bank for their signatures, and mail it off. Then in a month or so, you can take yourself to the bank.

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