Daily Dancer web craze

Sun Online

A WACKY self-confessed computer geek has been entertaining thousands of internet surfers - with his dancing skills.

The American joker - who calls himself Daily Dancer - posts a new clip of himself throwing shapes on his blog every morning.

Web users have been flocking to his site to request tracks for him to perform a barmy boogie to.

Big hit ... fans are flocking to site

So far he has danced to hits including Abba's Dancing Queen, Baha Men's Who Let The Dogs Out and Aqua's Barbie Girl.

He wrote on his site www.dailydancer.com : "I have always loved dancing and entertaining people.

"Whenever I hear a good beat, I cannot resist letting my body go with the music.

"Back around Christmas, 2004, my girlfriend and I were at a friend's house. Our friend showed us her fine DJing skill and I started dancing.

Requests ... he dances to songs readers send him

"Luckily, my girlfriend was recording my dance on her new digital camera, as it was a good one. Since then, I have been planning how I can share my passion with the world.

He added: "Some people think I am crazy. But, do you know what? I'm doing what I love to do and that's what matters."

I had to check this site out and all I can say is this guy needs to learn how to dance.