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    I have recently visited Durango, Durango Mexico (my wife has alot of family from there) and I visited thier department. They serve over 800,000 people with 4 stations. Stations 1 & 2 house 2 (running) engine companies (keep in mind, no truck is newer than '78) and 2 command trucks. Station 2 has 1 engine company, an ambulance (that doesn't work) and a mini-pumper. Station 3 & 4 each have 1 engine company. These guys serve a huge area of responsibility and have torn PPE, degrading rescue rope, and maybe 1 or 2 full SCBA packs with masks per station. The city does not have a static or underground water source. Their only water source is a 100,000 tanker that may or may not work... depends on the day. They rely on the local municipal trucks, if available. All thier trucks have been donated from City Chicago Fire Department, while they are all "classics" ('78, '67, '49, '52) a few of them still work. My biggest concern is thier lack of PPE because for some reason, the local government does not fund the department like they should (while the police are VERY well funded). My reason for posting this is to find out if anybody knows of places I can look for either donations or cheap gear to get for these guys. They run many emergencies every day and they are far from well protected.

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    Default Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico

    If you have the Durango Department Chief contact the Obregon FD in Sonora, Mexico, they may be able to get them some basic equipment.

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