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    Default Please help with some marketing info...

    Hi guys -

    Found this site as referenced by some of my fire buddies. This is NOT, NOT, NOT a sales pitch.

    Let me lay this on the table for you. I am doing some market research for a company called HemCon. www.hemcon.com They make an advanced clotting bandage. The product is designed to stop severe bleeding. i.e. arterial bleeding, bleeding from penetrating wounds or bleeding from organ injuries

    Current sales are mostly military (and the Military apparently can't buy them fast enough), but they are going to be selling civilian.

    So the questions are as follows:

    1) What is your initial take on the product?
    2) How frequently would you have need for a product like this?
    3) Are you Fire or EMS and does Fire do EMS duties in your area?
    4) What do you currently use now to control severe bleeding. Aside from gauze and direct pressure? Use any hemostatic compounds?
    5) What Fire/EMS magazines do you read? Which ones are good?
    6) What Trade Shows / Training Conferences are good?
    7) How are buying decisions made at your place?
    8) How do you buy stuff like this? i.e. manufacturer direct, distributors, catalog, etc...
    9) How important is cost when considering equipment purchases.

    Thanks in advance. Really appreciate the info.


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    Nice sales pitch.

    We were interested in using this stuff in our wildland packs for major backwoods bleeding incidents... turns out it's not in our protocals and we can't.

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