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    Arrow Opossums set afire?

    Sick, troubled individuals...

    FORT DODGE, Iowa (AP) - Animal rights activists said Thursday
    they were horrified by a videotape sent to a humor Web site that
    shows what appears to be two young men dousing two live opossums
    with lighter fluid and setting them on fire.
    "It shows the possums walking around, clearly just engulfed
    with flames," said Josh Colvin, cruelty intervention coordinator
    for the Animal Rescue League of Iowa. "They do this to two possums
    while laughing hysterically in the background."
    He called the tape "the worst animal torture I've ever seen."
    The video was sent it to the popular entertainment Web site
    eBaumsworld.com, which features a variety of humorous video clips,
    stories and games.
    Concerned Web site administrators sent the video, accompanying
    e-mail and information about the Internet service provider to a
    senior caseworker with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
    "It's one of the worst cases of cruelty we've run across,"
    PETA spokesman Martin Mersereau said. "The video tracks on for
    what seems like an eternity. Any compassionate person who's viewing
    it, their first reaction is begging, like I did, for the opossum to
    please just finally die."
    Mersereau said his group was able to track the e-mail to Fort
    Dodge. He declined to comment specifically on the process, but said
    "we took clues from the submission is all I can say and we were
    PETA contacted the Animal Rescue League of Iowa, which forwarded
    the information to police in Fort Dodge.
    The video doesn't show anyone's face, but it includes voices.
    "These clowns are chasing the opossums, making jokes and
    laughing hysterically at what they've done," he said.
    Mersereau said the voices on the tape appear to be male.
    "My guess is they're in their late teens," he said.
    Neil Bauman, executive vice president of Rochester, N.Y.-based
    eBaumsworld.com, viewed the video and called it "disturbing."
    He said it was never posted on the Web site. "This was too over
    the edge for eBaumsworld," Bauman said.
    The 13 staff members at the Web site sift through an estimated
    6,000 to 8,000 e-mails a day, many of them with video content,
    Bauman said.
    This was the first referred to authorities, he said.
    "If they traced it back to the right guys, good," Bauman said.
    The Webster County sheriff's department and Fort Dodge police
    are investigating. Officials declined to comment or identify those
    allegedly involved in the video until charges are filed.
    Assistant Webster County Attorney John Bety declined to comment,
    citing an ongoing investigation.
    On the Net: eBaum's World http://ebaumsworld.com/

    (Copyright 2005 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)
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    Good on Ebaumsworld for sending this to the authorities. And thats disguisting on the behalf of the people who did it. As a rural firefighter i now and then see an animal on fire or dying slowly from burns, its not cool.
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    These two twits ought to get the same thing.

    Not really, but animal cruelty is a deep rooted pathology. I think these guys ought do jail time and then have to do community service with animal control or at a animal shelter every day for the rest of their lives.
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    Sick, sick, sick. It's a shame the possums (Kentuckians "o"mit the "O") didn't get a few good rabies-laced bites in on these two sleazebags.

    For once, I'm rooting for the possums.
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    PETA is not the authorities.

    Frankly, that bunch of wackos would light a possum on fire themselves if they thought it would fill the pyschological craving for attention and demonstrate their own self-importance.

    The founder of PETA herself is on record saying she doesn't think humans should have any children (you do the math), and that she's killed thousands of animals herself that she served as the judge, jury, and executioner that it was in their best interest she kill them on her schedule.

    She, and many at PETA, have just as pathologically deep and dangerous pyschological problems as the kids who lit the opossum on fire. They just manifest it in an organized and endearing way, kind of like Nuremburg.

    (Did I bring an internet discussion to the Hitler phase in less than 5 posts?)

    (And do you think I really don't like PETA?)
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    This is sick ...................but I hate PETA !!
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    Whether you agree with PETA or not, it's still wrong to do that to those possums.
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    More from us "Incisors ain't for cabbage" types:

    Vegetables aren't food. Vegetables are what food eats.

    If God didn't want us to eat cattle, he wouldn't have made them out of beef.
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