Hey folks, I have a sales pitch for y'all. I spent the better part of two hours this afternoon at a private residence, delivering 500 gal water to a reserve water tank. During the course of my visit, the owner commented that he had a 1963 Ford 850, 534 motor, pumper truck for sale.

He bought and brought it from a small dept in eastern Washington State last fall. Its a cab over type, single cab, two booster reels, 1000 gal onboard, pushed by a Peters Pirsch 750gpm pump. It has two 4" suctions and two 2.5" discharge at the pump panel, and two on the other side. There is also an aux pump on the rear deck. The Q works like a charm too!

The truck is painted with Lewis and Clark RFPD across the nose and was labled as Truck 53.

Mr Shapley cranked her up for me, and the motor runs like a top. He bought it with the intent that he could hold back any fires (he has something like 100 acres of forest property, about a 1/4 mile off the main road) until we could come and take charge. Unfortunately his health is not quite what it used to be, and this has become a slightly greater endeavour than he is capable of.

He is willing to sell for offers on $4000.00. She needs lots of TLC, but could be a 'worker', if not a Looker for sure.

If anyone is interested, pm me.