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    We have been having problems with our NFIRS account. If we don't do any reporting for a while, our account gets closed, and we have to reactivate it, and come up with a new password. When we started out, we were advised by the fire marshall in our state, that due to our low call volume, we should report quarterly. At the first attempt, our account was closed. After reactivating, we were told that the accounts can only go inactive for 60 days, so we decided to report monthly. Now, our account is deactivating after only 2 weeks of not reporting. This gets extremely frusterating, and I can't imagine that everyone is working this hard to contribute their info.

    Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.
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    If you are reporting through your state fire marshal, I would think that the problem lies with them. It seems that their network is set up to purge inctive accounts. Someone from that office would need to increase the time before accounts are deleted or made inactive.

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