I'm looking for ideas on how to best facilitate tracking the victim/family reunification process. In the event of a large-scale incident we have plans for setting up an cneter for family members to go to be reunited with victims and/or information on what hospital they may have been transported to.

I see two types of information flowing into this center. First, victim location/status info. Second, family contact info. It is possible that family members would "check in" before we have been able to identify all of the patients as anyone coming to the scene would be immediately directed to this center.

Types of info that we could gather from Triage Officer:
- victim names, gender, age (when possible)
- description of victim (for John/Jane Does)
- where transported (hospital or reunification center)

Types of info that we could gather from family members would be:
- family contact info (name, address, phone numbers)
- victim name, gender, age
- description of victim (features, scars, tattos, clothing)
- last known location of victim (4th floor conf room, etc)
- vehicle info

Has anyone had to set up a center of this nature? If so, how did you track this information so that families could be reunited in a non-chaotic mannor? And how did you keep track of who has been reunited vs who is still looking?