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    Unhappy Talk About Mr Murphy And Strange Incidents

    And there is no pun intended with the title either.

    SUV crash kills couple in bed. Longtime Summerland resident recalls several accidents at the site

    Brad Badelt CanWest News Service Monday, June 27, 2005

    VANCOUVER -- The SUV that crashed into a Summerland home early Saturday morning and killed two people is believed to be the second vehicle to hit the house after failing to navigate a sharp bend in the road.

    The victims -- Debra Dee Murphy, 47, from Kelowna, and John Wishart Newsome, 51, from Summerland -- were in bed when a speeding Ford Explorer careened off Prairie Valley Road and smashed through their bedroom wall. The driver, a 41-year-old Summerland resident whose name has not been released, remains in critical condition at Penticton Regional Hospital.

    Police say alcohol is believed to be a factor in the accident, which happened shortly after the vehicle raced through an RCMP roadside check with its headlights off.

    Darren McCullough, who was in his front yard at the time of the collision, said he heard the vehicle accelerating.

    "Then we heard a large bang," McCullough said. "We looked over toward the house that got hit and there was just a big cloud of smoke."

    McCullough's wife called 911 while he ran to the house.

    "It was fairly dark (inside) ... but once we shone a flashlight on the house, we realized what had happened," he said.

    Inside the home was the wrecked remains of the Explorer, with the victims pinned against the living room wall.

    Murphy was found dead at the scene. Newsome was rushed to Penticton Regional Hospital but died a short time later.

    According to neighbours, the couple had only recently moved into the home.

    Summerland Mayor Tom Johnston said the accident was a terrible shock for the small community.

    "Everybody feels terrible for the families of the people involved," he said. "Even though they weren't here long, they were known within the community."

    McCullough, a longtime Summerland resident, said there have been several previous close calls at the house.

    "Once (before) a vehicle struck the house," he said, "and there's been a number of times when vehicles have ended up in the yard."

    Prairie Valley Road has a speed limit of 50 kilometres an hour but bends sharply in front of the home.

    "There's a guard rail, but there's no reflective markers ... so it's very deceiving as to where the corner is," McCullough said.

    Summerland RCMP Sgt. Rick Bigland confirmed the house had been struck before.

    "Sometime in the past a vehicle did hit that house," he said, although he was unsure when the previous collision occurred.

    CREDIT: Mark Brett, Canadian Press
    Mike Barrett of the B.C. Coroners Service surveys the scene after a sport utility vehicle crashed through the bedroom wall of this Summerland home on Saturday. Two people inside the home died from injuries.

    Times Colonist (Victoria) 2005
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    Ok - I think I will put extra insurance on the rental car this weekend. Ill have to drive by that spot on my way to Penticton for the Highland games!
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